DLx-Media.com operates numerous customer projects as well as some of its own, such as the URL shortening service 4or.de as a Software as a Service (SaaS). This service allows for simple, quick, and effective shortening of URLs for social media applications or to better track marketing campaigns. The easy-to-use web analytics tool DLx-Analytics.com, focused on data privacy and completely avoiding the use of cookies, and the file upload service DLx-Share.com, which allows you to easily and quickly share larger files with friends and family.

Shorten URLs with 4or.de

The URL shortener 4or.de Serves as an easy-to-use link shortener, turning long and unsightly links that are hard to share on social networks (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Xing, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitch, etc.) into short ones. This allows for the quick and easy creation of short links for posting.

As an additional feature, with a created account, numerous marketing features can also be used. This allows you not only to track the number of views and thus the success of the link, but also to simultaneously implement target audience marketing. Furthermore, there is also the possibility to integrate your own domains, set up different redirect URLs depending on the user’s origin and device, and also to provide links with an “expiration date”.

An example of the URL shortener.

From the URL:

If the URL:

Professional SEO analyses and tools

With DLx-Rank.com, you can identify the most important technical Onpage-SEO issues and take simple and targeted measures based on them to improve the condition and SEO rankings of your website.

Get detailed SEO reports for your websites and receive tips on how you can improve them. Manage your reports more efficiently with the automatically generated projects. Expand your toolbox with our diverse web tools and utilities. Detailed reports that enable you to take actions that are truly meaningful.

Web Analysis Focused on Data Privacy

With DLx-Analytics.com we have a simple website tracking tool  with which you can learn more about your visitors. This allows for comprehensive analyses of the success of one’s own marketing measures, and to measure which content on the website works well and which less so, in order to then derive measures for optimization.

The focus of this small tracking tool is on the traffic analysis of websites (web analysis) in conjunction with easy usability and a high level of data protection, on servers in Europe and without the use of cookies (cookieless tracking). The tracking code is less than 1kb to avoid long loading times and not negatively affect the page speed.

AI-based Content Generator

With DLx-Content.com, we offer an AI content generator to revolutionize your online marketing strategy! With our AI Content Generator Interface, you can quickly and easily obtain high-quality content, whether images or texts. In seconds, you receive automatically generated content that can advance your online marketing success. Create high-quality content for your website, newsletter or social media channels in no time with our AI Content Generator and thus boost your online marketing success. Try it out now!

File Upload Service provided by DLx-Share.com

With DLx-Share.com, we operate a file upload service that allows you to easily share larger files with friends and family, which you otherwise cannot simply send by email.
The primary purpose of this file hosting service is not to permanently store and share files with other people, but to temporarily send large files to one or more individuals. At DLx-Share.com, uploads up to 2 GB in file size are possible. The files are stored for up to 1 month and are thus available online for anyone with whom the link was shared.

  • Simple upload of files
  • Up to 2 GB file size
  • Multiple files at the same time
  • Available for 1 month.
  • Simply download shareable via link.