what is online marketing?

Online Marketing, often referred to as Internet Marketing, is a marketing area that can be divided into many individual areas, such as Social Media, Display Marketing, Email Marketing, and Search Marketing, also called SEM. This in turn is composed of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising, also known as AdWords and the like). Furthermore, online marketing also includes newer and less known types of marketing such as media marketing, which focuses on infographics, YouTube advertising videos, and mobile marketing, which focuses on specific smartphone and tablet marketing strategies. The sentence appears to be in German, not English. Translated and corrected, it might read: “The analysis parts that are also an integral part of online marketing are often forgotten.” Online marketing is everything that offers one thing more or less advertising on the internet and markets it that way.

How can one effectively achieve their goals in online marketing?

In order to conduct online marketing as targeted and successful as possible, it is extremely important to conduct as precise an audience analysis as possible in order to develop an ideally and individually fitting online marketing strategy. Standard universal solutions are unfortunately not the most rewarding and best foundations in the online marketing area.

what does online marketing cost?

This question cannot be answered generally, it always depends heavily on the product that is supposed to be marketed online. Depending on the product, there are different ways and approaches to doing online marketing. In general, it can be said that for almost every product and the associated marketing budget, a cost-effective marketing area can be found which is successful through effective and strategic marketing.

How much do large companies and corporations spend on online marketing?

Large companies, brands, stores, and businesses often spend several hundred thousand Euros per month on online marketing. However, this does not mean that small companies with only a few Euros for a marketing budget cannot also compete effectively. In online marketing, it is relatively inexpensive to directly address most target groups online.

Online Marketing Consulting

DLx-Media offers you online marketing consulting in Berlin to find the ideal conditions for your company and guide you safely and confidently through all online marketing areas. DLx-Media thus provides you with the foundation for successful online marketing in your company.